Inter Institutional Agreements


No.Name of Partner InstitutionCountrySigning DateValidityRemarks
1Technical University in GabrovoBulgaria14.06.200714.06.2007 – 14.06.2012Automatic extension for 5 years
2Todor Kobleshkov University of Transport SofiaBulgaria09.05.20119.05.2011-9.05.2016Automatic extension for 5 years
3Jilin UniversityChina29.06.1994unlimited
4Abo Academy University, TurkuFinland17.09.1993unlimited
5Universite d’AngersFrance13.12.2001unlimited
6Universite d’Angers si AUFFrance22.06.2004unlimited
7Universite d’Angers, ISTIA et LISAFrance11.06.201211.06.2012 – 11.06.2017
8Universite Claude-Bernard Lyon I et AUFFrance25.08.2004unlimited
9INSA de Lyon et AUFFrance14.11.2003unlimited
10Universite de Provence Aix-Marseille I et AUFFrance22.12.2004unlimited
11Universite de Haute-Alsace de Mulhouse et AUFFrance05.09.2003unlimited
12Universite de Reims Champagne-Ardenne et AUFFrance12.09.2002unlimited
13ENSAIT Roubaix et AUFFrance25.08.2004unlimited
14Comissariat a l’Energie Atomique, ParisFrance01.03.20081.03.2008 – 1.03.2011 – 1.03.2016Automatic extension for 5 years
15Universite de RouenFrance13.02.2003unlimited
16Universite de Rouen et AUFFrance25.08.2004unlimited
17University of Dusseldorf, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Macromolecular Chemistry, DusseldorfGermany29.04.2002unlimited
18Hochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft des SaarlandesGermany01.04.2000unlimited
19The Technical University of CreteGreece03.04.2000unlimited
20The Technical University of CreteGreece21.10.2008Automatic extension every other year
21Aristotle University of ThessalonikiGreece14.12.201114.12.2011- 14.12.2014Extended for another 3 years 10.09.2015 – 10.09.2018
22Technological Education Institute of PiraeusGreece10.09.2002unlimited
23University of CagliariItaly19.11.2000unlimited
24Al Balqua Applied University, Ma’an CollegeIordania20.03.2000unlimited
25Bio-Medical Fuzzy Systems AssociationJapan20.11.2001unlimitedWithin electronics field
26University of Hyogo, KobeJapan03.06.2008, 03.06.20133.06.2008 – 3.06.2013 – 3.06.20185 years
27Riga Technical University, Institute of Textile Materials Technologies and DesignLatvia03.12.20073.12.2007 – 3.12.2012 – 3.12.2017Automatic extension for 5 years within textile field
28City University London (for joint Ph.D.)Great Britain10.01.2011unlimited
29University of AveiroPortugal04.01.2005unlimited
30University of MinhoPortugal11.07.201211.07.2012- 11.07.2017
31Technical University of Moldova, Chi?inãuRepublic of Moldova21.06.201021.06.2010 – 21.06.2015Automatic extension for 5 years
32The Chemical Institute of Moldova Science Academy in Chi?inãuRepublic of Moldova03.11.20093.11.2009 – 3.11.2014Extension with mutual agreement
33Faculty of Cadaster and Environment Engineering, The Agrarian State University of Moldova in Chi?inãuRepublic of Moldova11.11.2001unlimited
34Faculty of Chemical and Ecological Engineering, The State University in Chi?inãuRepublica of Moldova01.05.2002unlimited
35Faculty of Electrophysics, Technical University of Moldova in Chi?inãu, www.utm.mdRepublic of Moldova23.11.1994unlimited
36The State University in Chi?inãuRepublic of Moldova01.05.2002unlimited
37”Alecu Russo” University in Bãl?iRepublic of Moldova16.06.200916.06.2009 – 16.06.2012Possibility of extension
38National University of SingaporeSingapore13.12.2004unlimited
39Universidad de GranadaSpain28.06.2006unlimited
40Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran CanariaSpain18.03.2005unlimited
41Our Lady of the Lake, San Antonio, TexasUnited States of America21.11.2006unlimited
42The University of New Orleans, LouisianaUnited States of America11.04.2002unlimited
43International Textile Research Unit Group LTDTurkey23.04.2002unlimitedWithin textile field
44The Donetsk National Technical UniversityUkraine03.02.20113.02.2011 – 3.02.2014Automatic extension for 5 years
45Vinnitsa Technical State UniversityUkraine06.10.2000unlimited
46Universite de Haute – AlsaceFrance18.12.201218.12.2012 – 18.12.20175 years
47The Animation Institute in JilinChina11.04.201311.04.2013 – 11.04.20185 years
48The University of Malaysia PerlisMalaysia10.05.201310.05.2013 – 10.05.20185 years
49University of Modena and Reggio EmiliaItaly30.01.201331.01.2013 – 31.01.20185 years
50Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1, membre de l’Universite de LyonFrance06.06.20136.06.2013 – 6.06.20185 years
51Universita degli Studi di CataniaItaly09.10.20139.10.2013 – 9.10.2014Cooperation for doctoral studies. Possibility of extension for the next 5 cycles.
52Kaferelsheikh University, Faculty of Specific EducationEgypt02.09.20122.09.2012 – 2.09.20175 years
53Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer- ShevaIsrael03.02.20143.02.2014 – 3.02.2017Renewal at every 3 years with mutual consent
54University of Information Science and Technology ”St. Paul the Apostle”Republic of Macedonia29.04.201429.04.2014 – 29.04.2019Can be extended after expiry
55Universidade de Santiago de CompostelaSpain07.03.20147.03.2014 – 7.03.20195 years, Contact person Professor Carmen TEODOSIU
56The University of ToledoUnited States of America23.09.201423.09.2014 – unlimitedValid until a separate agreement is signed.
57Ivanovo State Polytechnic UniversityRussian Federation22.04.201422.04.2014 – 22.04.2019Contact person Professor Mirela BLAGA
58L’UPPA de Pau et des Pays de l’AdourFrance11.12.201411.12.2014 – 11.12.2019Contact person Professor Marcel POPA
59Odessa National Maritime University, Odessa,Ukraine18.03.201518.03.2015 – 18.03.2019Contact person Professor Neculai Eugen SEGHEDIN
60Universite d’ORELANSFrance06.05.20156.05.2015 – 6.05.2020Possibility of extension. Contact persons Professors Florin MUNTEANU and Cristian FO?ALÃU, ETH
61University of Pannonia, VeszpremHungary22.04.201522.04.2015, unlimitedContact person Professor Igor CRE?ESCU
62Beijing Jiaotong University, BeijingChina10.06.201510.06.2015 – 10.06.2020Contact person Professor Iulian RUSU (CH)
63Universidade Tecnologica Federal do ParanaBrazil13.07.201513.07.2015 – 13.07.2020Persoanã de contact Prof. Const. CÃRUNTU (AC)
64Brahmdevdada Mane Institute of Technology, SolapurIndia10.07.201510.07.2015 – 10.07.2020Contact person Professor Cristian FO?ALÃU (IEEIA)
65South Ural State UniversityRussian Federation10.03.201610.03.2016 – 10.03.2021Contact person Professor Alina MINEA (SIM)
66”Yuriy Fedkovych” National University in Cernãu?iUkraine13.11.201513.11.2015 – 13.11.2018General
67Capital University of Science and Technology, IslamabadPakistan18.02.201618.02.2016 – 18.02.2021General
68The State Agrarian University in MoldovaRepublic of Moldova09.06.20169.06.2016 – 9.06.2021General Contact person Professor Gabriel SÃNDULACHE (HIDRO)
69AIHA – RMS Rocky Mountain Local Section, ColoradoUnited States of America30.09.2016unlimitedWork safety and hygiene Contact persons professors Ctin BACIU and. Brîndu?a ROBU SLU?ER
70Universidade de LisboaPortugal20.10.201620.10.2016 – 20.10.2021
71Colorado State University, Fort Collins, ColoradoUnited States of America15.12.201615.12.2016 – 15.12.2021General, Work safety and hygiene, Contact persons professors Ctin BACIU and. Brîndu?a ROBU SLU?ER
72Tambov State Technical University, TambovRussian Federation04.01.20174.01.2017 – 4.01.2022Contact person Professor Alina MINEA, SIM
73University of Parma, ParmaItaly12.10.201612.10.2016 - 12.10.2021Professor Alina MINEA, SIM
74Politecnico di Bari, BariItaly20.03.201720.03.2017 – 20.03.2020Contact person Professor Carmen TEODOSIU
75University of Ottawa, OttawaCanada04.04.20174.04.2017 – 4.04.2022General
76University of Cagliari, CagliariItaly15.03.201715.03.2017 – 15.03.2022
77University Adolfo Ibanez, Santiago de ChileChile03.05.20173.05.2017 – 3.05.2022Contact person Associate professor Ancu?a ROTARU
78American University of Madaba, MadabaJordan28.03.201728.03.2017 – 28.03.2022Contact person Associate professor Ancu?a ROTARU
79The University of The Science Academy of Moldova, Chi?inãuRepublic of MoldovaMarch 2017March 2017 – March 2022General
80Universidad Paulista, Sao PaoloBraziliaFebruary 201714.02.2017 – 14.02.2018Automatic renewal after the first year
81University Malaysia TerengganuMalaysiaMay 201726.05.2017 - 26.05.2022Written renewal after 5 years, Contact person Professor Petricã VIZUREANU
Universita di PisaItaly05.06.20175.06.2017 – 5.06.20225 years, Contact person Professor Irina LUNGU
Odesa State Academy of Technical Regulation and QualityUkraine01.09.201701.09.2017 - 01.09.2022Contact person Professor Alex. SÃLCEANU
Gdynia Maritime University (GMU)Poland15.09.201715.09.2017 – 15.09.20225 years, Contact person Professor Alex. SÃLCEANU
Silesian University of Technology, GliwicePoland06.11.20176.11.2017 – 6.11.20225 years, Contact person, Professor Dumitru NEDELCU
”Gheorghe Asachi” Romanian – French High School in Chi?inãuRepublic of Moldova08.09.2017unlimited