Vice Rectorate for International Relations

Dear Student,

Welcome to “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi!

The Erasmus+ – International Relations Office is willing to assist you in accommodating to our university, city and country, by offering general information on daily life in Iasi. The time spent as a student of our university may be a unique experience, should you choose to mix academic duties with the city’s bursting cultural life. We are ready to assist you, for your activity in our university to be both enjoyable and successful.

We offer you, dear student, information and guidance about study and living in Iasi, such as preliminary examination and accommodation procedures, curricula and other useful information.

If you have questions or require explanation, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our team wishes you an agreeable and successful experience!

Professor Irina LUNGU, Phd., Vicerector for International Relations, e-mail:;;

Prof. Sabina SĂRULEANU, Head of International Office and Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator, is responsible with Inter-institutional agreements (MOU) within our University and outgoing administrative staff within Erasmus+  programme. You can contact her at

Ana-Maria ŞOICAN, International Officer, is in charge of counselling and monitoring Erasmus+ outgoing students, Erasmus+ outgoing academic staff, Erasmus Mundus projects . If you are interested to find out more information on Erasmus+ Programme, you can contact her at

Doina TIRON, International Officer, responsible with all the Erasmus+ Inter-institutional cooperation agreements signed by TUIASI, Erasmus+ incoming students. Every year our university hosts over 100 students, visiting us within the Erasmus + and Erasmus Mundus programmes. Every year she is the engine of the team which organizes and participates at the annual national and international educational fairs. You can contact her at

Constanța PRAVĂȚ, International Officer, contributes to a strong institutional image development, conceiving print designs for any kind of deliverables (pop-up display, flyers, posters, invitations). Also, Constanta is in charge of promoting English-taugh study programmes of our university and she performs a lot of administrative and logistic activities for two courses, one for administration staff (English as a Medium of Communication for the Administration Staff in Higher Education), other for academic staff (English as Medium of Instruction in Technical Higher Education). If you are interested to find out more information, you can contact her at

Cornelia MURARIU, International Officer, is responsible for study abroad scholarships (AUF) monitoring. You can contact her at 

Contact address and information:

Address: 67 Prof.dr.doc. Dimitrie Mangeron Street, 700050,  Iasi, Romania
Tel/Fax: +40 232 278 628