Bachelor Study Programmes

”G. M. Cantacuzino” Faculty of Architecture


Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering

Automatic Control and Applied Informatics
Computer Engineering
Information Technology

”Cristofor Simionescu” Faculty of Chemical Engineering & Environmental Protection

Biochemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Chemistry and Engineering of Organic Compounds,
Petrochemistry and Carbochemistry
Economic Engineering in Chemical and Materials Industry
Environmental Engineering and Protection in Industry
Food Chemistry and Biochemical Technologies
Inorganic Products Engineering and Environmental Protection
Papermaking Engineering
Polymer Science and Engineering

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Services

Civil Engineering (in English)
Civil, Industrial and Agricultural Constructions
Transportation Infrastructures
Building Services

Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology

Applied Electronics
Microelectronics, Optoelectronics and Nanotechnologies
Telecommunication Technologies and Systems
Telecommunication Technologies and Systems (in English)

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Power Electronics and Electrical Drives
Electrical Systems
Instrumentation and Data Acquisition
Applied Informatics in Electrical Engineering
Power Systems Engineering
Energy Management
Power Engineering and Information Technologies
Economic Engineering in Electric, Electronic and Power Domains

Faculty of Hydrotechnics Engineering, Geodesy and Environmental Engineering

Engineering and Environmental Protection in Agriculture
Hydrotechnical Constructions and Arrangements
Land Reclamations and Rural Development
Land Surveying and Cadastre

Faculty of Industrial Design and Business Management

Industrial Design
Industrial Design (in English)
Technology and Design of Textile Products
Knitting and Clothing Technology
Footwear Design and Technology
Industrial Business Engineering
Business Engineering and Management
Textile Chemical Technology

Faculty of Machine Manufacturing and Industrial Management

Machines Manufacturing Technology
Digital Production Systems
Welding Engineering
Precision Mechanics and Nanotechnologies
Fluid Machines and Systems
Business Engineering in Mechanics

Faculty of Material Science and Engineering

Materials Processing Engineering
Materials Science
Safety Industrial Engineering
Industrial Processes Equipment

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Automotive Engineering
Engineering of Automotive Propulsion Systems
Automotive Construction
Mechanical Engineering
Thermal Systems and Equipments
Machines and Installations for Agriculture and Food Industry