Double Degree Agreement

DOUBLE DEGREE AGREEMENT ARUT (Romanian Alliance of Technical Universities) – INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon), the leading French group of engineering institutes group.

This double degree programme creates a link between individual degree programmes of universities from ARUT and INSA. The programmes’ strenghts are integrated in this joint degree programme, based on the document signed in 2017 between these groups of institutions.

The agreement, as a result of many years collaboration between technical Romanian and French universities, is the framework for cooperation which focuses on: students exchange from bachelor and master study programmes; double degree programmes; the academic and administrative exchange; common research projects; common scientific journals; information exchange regarding teaching methods; workshops and seminars’ organization; courses and conferences and other type of academic and scientific programmes.

The enrolled students in the double degree programme meet the opportunity to have two diplomas: a master’s degree diploma at TUIASI and a bachelor of engineering diploma (MA equivalent) in one of the French universities from INSA group.