Master Study Programmes

Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering

Embedded Computers
Distributed Systems and Web Technologies
Distributed Systems and Web Technologies (in English)
Embedded Control Systems
Systems and Control
Systems and Control (in English)

”Cristofor Simionescu” Faculty of Chemical Engineering & Environmental Protection

Clean Chemical Processes
Control and Food Processing
Environmental Management
Environmental Management and Sustainable Energy (in English)
Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Products
Polymeric Biomaterials and Bioresources
Waste Management, Treatment and Valorisation

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Services

Building Services
Real Estate Assessment and Management
Modern Transportation Infrastructures
Buildings Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Structural Engineering
Structural Engineering (in English)
Construction Management and Special Technologies
Performant Materials and Building Products
The Rehabilitation and the Increase of Constructions Safety
Entrepreneurship of Real Estate

Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology

Digital Radiocommunications
Communication Networks
Advanced Systems in Applied Electronics
Intelligent Electronic Systems and Industrial Informatics
Modern Signal Processing Techniques
Automotive Electronic Control Systems (in English)
Information Technologies for Telecommunications (IT4T, in English)

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Power Conversion and Motion Control
Advanced Electrical Systems
Information Systems for Environmental Monitoring
Management Energy-Environment
Management of Energy Systems
Engineering and Management in the Globalization Context

Faculty of Hydrotechnics Engineering, Geodesy and Environmental Engineering

Engineering and Management of Environmental Factors
Assesment and Real Estate Development
Hydrotechnical Engineering
Modernization of Hydrotechnical Engineering,
Hydroameliorative and Hydroedilitarian Systems
Geomatics and Cartography

Faculty of Industrial Design and Business Management

Quality Assurance in Textile-Leather Industry
Clothing Designing and Modeling
Innovative Systems for Garments Manufacturing
Advanced Knitting Technologies
Advancements in Footwear Design and Technology
Management and Business Administration
Production Management
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Project Management for Engineers
Ecodesign in Textiles Finishing

Faculty of Machine Manufacturing and Industrial Management

Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing
Production Management and Technology
Micromechanical Systems
Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
Applied Fluid Mechanics
Industrial Entrepreneurship

Faculty of Material Science and Engineering

Advanced Materials and Experimental Analysis Techniques
Advanced Techniques in Materials Processing Engineering
Industrial Systems for Modern Technologies
Engineering Safety and Health at Work

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Concept and Management of Automotive Design
Road Traffic Safety and Performances
Systemics of Motor Vehicles Transportation
Diagnosis and Technical Expertises in Mechanical Engineering
Heat Machines, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Railway Transportation Systems
Environmental Techniques in Food Industry
Advanced Mechatronics
Robotic Systems