Erasmus + COOPERATION PARTNERSHIPS (KEY ACTION 2) “European Digital Readiness Strategy for Clothing Studies”- EDRESS

Grant Agreement N ° : 2021-1-DE01-KA220-HED-000023124; Duration: 01.01.2022-01.01.2025

Partner Institutions: Coordinator: Technische Universitat Dresden (Germany); P1: POLITECHNIKA LODZKA (Poland); P2: TECHNICKA UNIVERZITA V LIBERCI (Czech Republic); P3: GHEORGHE ASACHI TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF IASI – Romania.

Project objective

The pandemic has proven that digital skills are now more important than ever to the way we learn, work and live. Traditional teaching methods have proven insufficient and the importance of training for all stakeholders in higher education for effective delivery of education in the digital environment is greater than ever. Higher education institutions need to adapt their educational content and methods to the demands of the changing world and maximise the impact of education and training in digital skills of European learners from different countries.

The E- DRESS project aims to improve the digital readiness of teaching and academic staff and to create course content that meets the new challenges of online/blended learning for apparel studies. An open-source online learning platform will be established and will be available in several European languages, including English, German, Czech, Polish and Romanian. The development of effective digital tools in multiple languages through the joint efforts of the collaborative partnership will enable effective digital learning on a broad scale. The proposed project will enable effective interaction between students, teachers and technology to mitigate the negative impact of COVID -19 on traditional education. The physical limitations of conventional education in the new scenarios will be addressed through the optimised use of digital technology by education stakeholders to transform the current challenges into opportunities. Innovative methods of immersive technologies can provide learners with a digital learning experience rarely found in the real world. The partnership aims to use a coherent and collaborative approach to realise digital transformation for apparel studies in their institutions.

Project results:

  • Multilingual open source educational platform that allows students and professors from different universities in Europe (textile) to interact with each other;
  • Elaboration of creative and uniform content of academic courses, allowing transparent recognition and equivalence of educational level and facilitating the mobility of students and lecturers between partner countries;
  • Promote innovative teaching/learning methods suitable for online and blended learning environments;
  • Promote the exchange of good practices and the development of new skills determined by the innovative and creative content of the elaborated university curriculum.

TUIASI Partner Manager: Assoc. prof. PhD. habil. Manuela AVADANEI