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Here are some tips which will help you, dear Erasmus or international student, to overcome initial difficulties in a foreign country.

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International Relations Office within ”Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi (TUIASI) has created this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document to provide answers to the most common questions related to special requirements of new Erasmus + and international students. 

Q: Where can I find the latest information about COVID-19 restrictions/situation in Romania?

A: At the present time, Romania is not in the state of alert anymore. You should check out the travel recommendations for studies from the Foreign Affairs Ministry in your country and check for updates on the websites of your country’s embassy in Romania.

Check other Romanian Resources, too, to be up to date with current information: 

Q: What should I do if present sympthoms of Covid 19 during the semester?

A: If you present sympthoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, breathing difficulties, loss of smell or taste, important tiredness, body aches or pain, digestive disorders), please announce as soon as possible the administrator / the doormen from your hall of residence. For emergencies, call 112.

Q: When do I have to report to administration ASAP?


  • if you have been tested positive (with or without symptoms);
  • if you have been identified as a “case contact” (exposed to someone with COVID-19) ;
  • if you have several symptoms and you are expecting to get tested, or expecting results of a virological test.

Q: Where do I have to wear a face mask?

A: Wearing a face mask on the academic and student campuses, indoor, and outdoor in the crowded spaces is not  mandatory from 8 March.

Q: Whom should I contact to find out information on academic and administrative stuffs?

A: For any kind of information related to academic or administrative issues do not hesitate to contact the secretariat office of your faculty, the International Relations Office or the team of Buddy TUIASI.

Q: How can I obtain housing at TUIASI?

A:”Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi offers housing options for students, including international students, within Tudor Vladimirescu campus. There are 21 halls of residence, within walking distance of the academic campus as well as. As international full-degree student, please contact admissions@tuiasi.ro, then the secretariat office from your faculty. As Erasmus+ student, please contact dtiron@tuiasi.ro

Q: What about meals options at TUIASI?

A: There is a cafeteria in Tudor Vladimirescu campus with the best prices in town. A full lunch menu costs about 17-18 lei, and a dinner menu about 11 lei. Cafeteria Hours: Monday-Friday: 12.00 p.m. – 07.00 p.m. More information you can find on www.campus.tuiasi.ro.

Q: How’s the weather in Iasi?

A: Romania has four seasons, with hot summers (the temperature is sometimes over 30 0C / 86 0F), cold winters (below 0 0C / 32 0F) and moderate temperatures during spring and autumn. We recommend you to put warm clothing and shoes in your luggage, for late autumn and winter.

Q: Does TUIASI offer opportunities to international students / Erasmus+ students to learn Romanian language?

A: Our university organizes Romanian classes for students who wish to improve their Romanian language skills. The programme consists of intensive Romanian courses after the beginning of the academic year.

Q: Are there in student campus sport facilities?

A: At “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University we encourage our students to live a healthy life by practicing sports; therefore, we provide them with a complex sports base, made of 6 outdoor fields and 2 halls. There are in the campus sports halls and fields (among which six outdoor fields, a fitness hall, an aerobics hall, a strength training hall and a team sports hall – for football, volleyball, basketball, tennis. Due to the present situation, the sport activities will mainly take place on outdoor fields and only with the written approval from the university.

Q: May I benefit as TUIASI student from free medical services?

A: Yes, TUIASI students benefit from the following free medical services, according to law: medical consultations – therapeutic indications (prescriptions in case of acute conditions for 7 days); referrals for free further clinic investigations; injectable treatments and vaccines; dressings and changing dressings; issuing or stamping medical documents (medical certificates to justify class absences, certificates for medical scholarships, medical certificates necessary for the accommodation forms, etc.); health education; prophylaxi; dental medicine services -consultations; treatments; health care education; prophylaxis. The consultations take place on the basis of appointments at the cabinet, where the student’s medical record is drawn up. Necessary documents for the medical record: identity card, student card to date. The clinic lies on “Tudor Vladimirescu” campus, next to the residence hall T15, more precisely in building T24, address: Aleea Prof. Vasile Petrescu No.23, telephone number for more information – 0232.702.461, the on-campus clinic is open from Monday to Friday, between 08.00 a.m. – 06.30 p.m.

Q: How can I open a bank account as TUIASI student?

A: Do not hesitate to ask TUIASI Buddies for help. You can go to any bank in Iași with the documents requested by the bank and the certificate issued by the university, certifying that you are our student.

Q: Where can I find the nearest Exchange office?

A: In the campus you can find the following exchange offices: In Iulius Mall there are 3 offices: 2 at the ground floor and 1 at the 1st floor; in Kaufland supermarket, near the entrance.

Q: If I live in Tudor Vladimirescu campus, where can I wash my laundries?

A: Some dormitories have laundry rooms: T7, T8, T12, students from T13 can use the laundry room in T12, T14, students from T15 can use the laundry room in T14, T16, T17, T18, T19. It is free of charge to use the laundry. The laundry hours are 07.00 a.m. – 11.00 p.m. The students will use the laundry on the basis of a scheduling. Subject to availability, if free places exist for a day (unscheduled places or students who do not comply with the schedule), they can be taken on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Q: Where can I find my Timetable?


  • for Erasmus incoming students: contact your faculty coordinator;
  • for international full-degree students: contact the secretariat office from your faculty.

Q: I am an Erasmus+ student. Which are the first steps after the arrival at TUIASI?

A: We are waiting for you at the International Relations Office where we give you some guidance on what needs to be done during your first days at TUIASI. We recommend you to come to us on the basis of a scheduling, in this respect please first contact by e-mail the International Officer Mrs. Doina Tiron at dtiron@tuiasi.ro (the person in charge on incoming Erasmus students). The International Office is situated in the Rectorate Building, T Building, ground floor – Room B01; 67, Bd. Prof. Dimitrie Mangeron, 700050, Iasi

Q: I am a full-degree international student. Which are the first steps after the arrival at TUIASI?

A: If you are an international student, you should contact first the secretariat office from your faculty.

Q: Where can I find the name and the contact details of my Erasmus faculty coordinator?

A: Please access the link: http://www.international.tuiasi.ro/erasmus-faculty-coordinators

Q: I am an Erasmus+ student. Can I change some disciplines from my Learning agreement?

A: Yes, you can, on the Learning agreement there is a section called ”During the mobility” where you can Add or Delete courses. But, first of all you have to consult your faculty coordinator.

Q: Do I benefit from some travel passes?

A: Yes, all students from TUIASI receive a Pass to travel by train for free. You can receive the pass as follows:

  • for Erasmus incoming students: from the International Office;
  • for International students: from the secretariat office at your faculty.

Q: Where do I get my Student Card?

A: You will receive TUIASI Student Card from the secretariat office at your faculty within TUIASI. You must bring a photo, passport size.

Last update: 16 June 2022